Friday, 5 October 2007

Performing with the symphony

I am back at work with the symphony, starting on Sept 26th, this marking my 30-31st season! :) I LOVE playing the violin, and have the best group of colleagues that makes one proud to work and play great music! Yes, we have the sound of a MAJOR orchestra, and I am honored to be in this wonderful group. Yes, we are ALL millionaires in spirit, but now more than ever, the organization would LOVE to increase our ENDOWMENT. If you are or anybody you know wants to support a major orchestra, feel free to contact someone and don't be too shy about holding on to your big bucks, as you can't take it with you, and all things that are really important, money CAN'T buy! However, 'money' can buy a symphony, and you can be a part of making it all happen . Please check out this link for the orchestra & go to where it says SUPPORT: . Your kids and grand kids are depending on a future with some class and culture, and only you and I can provide that bright future. I am doing 'my part' to make this a reality, and perhaps you or someone you know will also value the precious gem of Tampa Bay, The Florida Orchestra, now celebrating our 40th season! :)